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 how to evd train

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PostSubject: how to evd train   Sat May 29, 2010 1:37 pm

Step 1:
Find a place where your Pokémon can battle another Pokémon who is on a higher battle level than your Pokémon. The stronger the Pokémon you battle, the more points you earn.

Step 2:
Battle and win against another Pocono and receive 1 to 3 points. These points are Effort Points, EPs, not EVs. The kinds of EPs you earn depend on the type of Pokémon you have. If you have an attack type, you earn Attack EPs. Special attack Pokémon get Special Attack EPs.

Step 3:
Collect points until your Pokémon has 510 EVs, the maximum number a Pokémon can collect. For every 4 EV points you earn and put into a stat, that stat will grow by 1 point when it comes time to Level Up. Each Pokémon, if trained to its maximum potential, can earn up to 127 extra points.

Step 4:
Give your Pokémon vitamins. Don't load up too much of one vitamin, as you can only use 10 of each kind. For example, if you use 10 of your Calciums, your Pokémon will collect 100 EV points.

Step 5:
Use EV points to boost your stats up several levels. You must keep track of the points your Pokémon wins since they are not always visible.

Step 6:
Pay attention to the screen after you are done battling to learn how many points you and your Pokémon have earned. A window will pop up and tells you how many and what kind of points you earned.

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how to evd train
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