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 Information for gym and elite challenges.

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Admin/ Secret Battler

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PostSubject: Information for gym and elite challenges.   Wed May 26, 2010 2:08 pm

In this forum you may battle the gym leaders and the members of the elite four. There will be a gym for each pokemon type. If you win against 8 gym leaders you will be able to challenge the elite. The elite will be the same way it is in the video games. There will be four people you have to battle then you challenge the champion ( me). In the elite each member can have any pokemon except for legends and ubers. If gyms are not kept active I have the right to give them away. I hope people will have fun with this. The elite and gyms will not be active until we have enough members for the elite.

-CD, site admin and elite four champion-

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Information for gym and elite challenges.
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