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 Secret Battler Hart

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Admin/ Secret Battler
Admin/ Secret Battler

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PostSubject: Secret Battler Hart   Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:32 am

That's right I'm one of the secret battlers too along with cd. This is a standard battle 6 vs 6 no legends or ubers allowed by challengers. I however may use one legendary If I want to. If you lose you may not challenge me again for 2 days unless i want to have a rematch considering it will be a good match. Also no disconnecting as that is counted as a lost. No gyms or elites have to be beaten to challenge me. People who win against me gain 250 points. I may not be able to battle at a time convenient for you I will battle when possible. So get ready to be silently killed. Razz

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Get ready to feel My silent killing skills!

Good Luck!



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Secret Battler Hart
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