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 Dusknoir Strategies OU (not complete)

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Admin/ Secret Battler

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PostSubject: Dusknoir Strategies OU (not complete)   Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:33 pm

Min- Min Max Max+

Hp - 231 294 -

Atk 212 236 299 328

Def 275 306 369 405

Sp.def 275 306 369 405

Sp.A 149 166 229 251

Spe 113 126 189 207

Dusknoir Is a rather bulky Pokemon In the 4th generation and Is still quite useful in the 5th generation. Below you will find CrazyDialga forum Dusknoir strategies. No copyright is intended if it is similar to smogon strategies. Dusknoir has great competition with Desukaan but I think we can prove that Dusknoir is superior.

Calm Mind:

Moves: Earthquake/fire punch/brickbreak
Shadow ball
Calm Mind
Toxic/ willo wisp

Evs: def. 252/sp.def 252/attack 4

Dusknoir with this set is most likely has its best results in mid or late game. With Calm mind to raise the impressive Special Defense even higher than it already is and raising Special Attack Dusknoir has some nice power. after a few boosts Dusknoir should be able to survive hits from alkazam and other strong special sweeps and kill it. With Earthquake you can damage any of the types weak to it or you can give it fire punch if you feel fire is more suitable for your needs. however do realize that Dusknoir is going to be mostly bulky so physical attack is not going to be to terribly high but it is a nice option to have just in case. Not to mention toxic or willowisp to help slowly kill your foe >Smile


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PostSubject: Nice   Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:15 am

But there are two weakness to this set. A straight up dark type. More so Umbreon with synchronize. And a Pokemon with the mirror ability like Espeon.
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Dusknoir Strategies OU (not complete)
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